GeoZilla Family & Friends GPS Locator

Keep loved ones safe

Trusted by 1M+ families worldwide

GeoZilla is a safety app with a mission to offer peace of mind to families worldwide.

GeoZilla Family & Friends GPS Locator

Monitor Family Safety

Locate your family and close friends in real time

GeoZilla Emergency Allert

Get Place Alerts

Get notified when they come home or leave work

GeoZilla Family GPS Locator

Check Location History

Know what they’ve been up to for the last few weeks

GeoZilla Family Chat and Messenger

Stay Connected

Keep up your connection with a private chat

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  • Keep family safe with a location sharing app
  • Monitor safety with an Apple Watch
  • Get location alerts to prevent emergencies


  • Keep your partner safe knowing where they are
  • Interact and hang out in a private space
  • Schedule dates and easily meetup in the city

GeoZilla Premium

Use up to 2 weeks of Location History to see what your family’s been up to

Set up Place Alerts to know when family members leave or arrive at home, work, or school

Set up Schedule Alerts to know if your child arrived to school on time

Assign location-based tasks to pick up milk when your partner passes groceries

GeoZilla Family GPS Locator Apple WatchhomeiconHome
GeoZilla Family GPS Locator Apple Watch Mom Arrived Home

Share your location with Apple Watch

Your kid is out without a phone?

Know where your loved ones are even if they don’t bring their phone! Pair their Apple Watch with GeoZilla to share their location and offer that precious peace of mind to you and your family.
GeoZilla Safety App for Kids Childrenwid

Know your child is safe at all times

If your kids don’t pick up the phone, you can find them through GeoZilla to make sure they are safe. Be in the know if your child gets to school on time with schedule alerts and get emergency notifications if they need help.

GeoZilla Family Safety App Aging Elderlywid

Monitor the wellbeing of your elderly

As our parents get older we need to know where they are and if they need help. GeoZilla is around 24/7. You can pair it with an Apple Watch and monitor their location, get notifications whenever they leave home, monitor their Heart Rate (coming soon) through GeoZilla and be alerted in case of emergency.

GeoZilla Pets GPS Safety Tracker for Dogs and Catswid

Keep your pets safe and healthy

With a demanding job, family and a million important chores to attend to it may be difficult to keep up with your pet’s wellbeing. Pair GeoZilla with a pet tracker to know if it escapes home, where it has been that day, and how active it was.

Why Families love GeoZilla

Over 30,000+ 5-star reviews


Great app. Great way to keep tabs on the kids.

I highly recommend! I haven't found a better one. No need. This is the best.

Love it! Recommend to anyone wanting to keep their loved ones safe!

Love it... Works beautifully, and I keep tracking my family and friends... Best app ever... Thank youuuuu... And the best part of all... It's FREEE

It works great! I tried several GPS family tracking apps and found this one worked great. Very pleased with the app.