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Find your pet if it ever escapes and
runs off. Attach a Geozilla GPS
Tracker to your dog’s collar
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GeoZilla GPS Tracker is a tiny rechargeable
device that informs your loved ones that your
pet is safe.
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Why do I need GeoZilla Tracker?
Know where your pet is at any moment
Whether you are anxious when your dog is out with a doggy sitter or worry if it runs off when you are at work, attach this tiny tracker to your dog’s collar and check its whereabouts at any moment.
Get alerted when your dog escapes home
Dogs love adventure and can easily sneak out whenever someone opens the door. With GeoZilla GPS Tracker on your dog’s collar, you will know if it escapes and know exactly where to find them.
Share responsibility within your family
Connect GeoZilla GPS Tracker with the app and share access with your family members. They will know where your pet is whenever you are not around.
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Last week my dog ran off when I was away. Luckily, my wife got an alert from GeoZilla and brought him back home. You won't believe how relieved I was!

- Tom

I got a GeoZilla GPS Tracker to know when Misty, my cat sneaks out of home. I am now using it with GeoZilla to have her on the same app as my family.

- Ali

I've been using the app for a few years now. Stops me from worrying where my kids go. Cool that I can now use it with a GPS tracker to let Zoe, our little puppy, roam freely in the yard.

- Jane
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