your child
is safe at all
With a GeoZilla GPS Tracker you can keep kids
safe on your family map, knowing where they are
and if they need your help.
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GeoZilla Tracker is a tiny rechargeable GPS
tracker that will keep all your loved ones on
your family map in GeoZilla.
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Why do you need
GeoZilla Tracker?
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Know where your child is at any given moment With GeoZilla you can just open the app and check where your kids are, without having to text them to know how they are doing.
Get alerted when your kid leaves school or arrives home Set up a place alert for Home or School.This way you will always be informed when your child leaves school and arrives home.
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Be informed if your child didn’t arrive at school on time When your child heads out to school in the morning, schedule alerts will inform you if they are running late.Skipping class will also not go unnoticed!
Know if they are out late and see as they reach their destination safely If your child is out after 9 PM, you will receive a notification offering to accompany them virtually as they move around on the map.
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Get your own GeoZilla
tracker and be safe
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Connect your Apple Watch
and get more functions
Whether you are anxious about your kids getting
to school safe, or simply lack the comfort of
knowing where they are when you aren't around,
download GeoZilla on your phone and pair it
with their Apple Watch.
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