and Fitbit®
Check your family members'
wellbeing with a Heart Rate monitor
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GeoZilla syncs with Fitbit® to offer heart rate monitoring for you and your
loved ones. Designed to interact with Fitbit® data, GeoZilla will inform family
members of any concerning changes in family member’s heart rate.
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Be notified if the fitness tracker detects heart rate deviations
Designed to interact with Fitbit® data, GeoZilla detects deviations from the norm and informs you if a family member’s heart rate goes up.
detection deviations
find via GeoZilla
Know if they need help and where to find them via GeoZilla
In case of an emergency you will be able to locate your loved one on a map and get there faster to offer help.
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Disclaimer: Please note the integration is merely meant to offer an additional
source of information on a user’s heart rate patterns and should not be relied
upon for detecting emergency situations.