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Welcome to GeoZilla

GeoZilla is a family safety platform striving to make families worldwide safer.
With over 4 million registered users, backed by 5 years of R&D, and processing 1.1B+ locations and events per month, we are working to make millions of families worldwide safer.
4+ million registered users 5+ years of R&D1B+ events processed monthly

Meet Our Team

Artem Kozel

CEO, co-founder

Ilya Kazansky


Alex Sharov

Sr. Product Owner, co-founder

Pavel Shikhov

Sr. Product Owner

Tatiana Protasova


Eugene Malobrodsky


Our strive to make families around the world safer with talent and hard work are the keys to our creativity, success and awesome working culture. We're hiring a few more superstars. Maybe you'd like to join us?

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